I wonder if I put a few words here?

Week 3

This weeks when learning about sketch-noting, the idea resonated with me. As a visual learner myself, I found that this would be very helpful for me to begin as a practice of my own.

Above I have taken a photo of how I used sketch-notes in one of my classes. In my Applied Theatre course we were learning about Paulo Friere and the importance of active learning. Traditionally we have a passive way of education. Friere’s idea is that when you can become active in a learning process, you are more likely to grasp more. I found it ironic that this is what I was studying in my class as I feel as though it translated well to this class.

The idea that we should be learning more actively rather than passively can support many learners as everyone learns at their own pace. What I found to be interesting in the sketch-notes was how I was then able to remember this concept and apply it to one of my other classes!

Week 2

Screen-casting is a format of learning that I have found to be ver effective in my learning. I remember watching a Khan Academy video for the first time in high school for one of my math classes. The format of actively watching an instructor go through processes and equations with a voice over was very helpful. The screen casting seemed to be a better way of learning during the pandemic as well. On Zoom, there were profs who only spoke. The best way I found to learn online in this way was though the screen-casting of power-points and images along with a voice over.

Allan Paivio’s Dual Coding Theory highlights the difficulty of only having one form of delivering information. One being language and the other being images. When having both, it makes it easier to remember and process the information. This theory supports a way of learning that I prefer which is the can be used on the screen-casting format.

week 1

Hello! My name is Sydney. This is my fourth year at UVIC studying Sociology and Technology & Society. EDCI337 is an elective in my minor that I found would be interesting and useful. In the future I would love to be able to work with my community on integrating more accessible technology. This class is a great opportunity for me to learn more about how multimedia and interactive learning can be used effectively. I believe that technology will continue to be a primary tool for communication and learning.

This is my first time taking a EDCI course and I have already found it challenging to navigate the different webpages. I know that the more I use these webpages the easier it will be to learn other forms of media as well. I am excited to learn more and be able to use this as a first step in creating my own projects!